So you’ve been talking about buying a home but are not sure what to do next….

First things first, Contact Me. Don’t worry, I am not going to stalk you or try to “sell” you the first home for sale that we find. I will however ask you some questions about what and where you are looking for your next home, help educate you on the process, the market, and try to get to know you a little bit.

I will also provide you with tools and information about the mortgage pre-approval process, no need to worry, it might sound like a big deal but it’s really not. If you have already started the process then you are a step ahead already. If not, we can recommend a couple of lenders with whom we have done business with time and time again.

Now its time to start looking at some homes! On our first meeting, I will make sure that you feel comfortable and understand the process that will lead up to the purchase of your house. For me, the agent, I will review with you your home wish list which will include: Needs/Must Haves, Wants, Dislikes/Deal Breakers, Location and Price range. Don’t worry, it will be as relaxed as possible and a great learning experience. You can read what some of our clients have said about me HERE.

If that “Dream” home isn’t there on the first day don’t get discouraged. While some buyers fall in love with the first home they see, others it will take a little longer. After seeing a few homes, you might think that neighborhood was not all it was made out to be or they realized that extra bedroom becomes a need instead of a want. Either way, once that home jumps out at you and says, “Buy Me!” then we will be ready to pounce and put in an offer to make sure that it doesn’t get away.

If you would like to educate yourself on the home buying process in general, click HERE.

Ready to get started? Call me at (971) 269-9451